Amazonian bird with ‘six pack’ has noisiest mating call in world, as loud as chainsaw

New York Daily News Lifestyle 3 weeks ago

It’s a mating call like no other.

An Amazonian bird observed to have a “six pack” has the loudest mating call in the world, registered at 125 decibels — the same volume as a chainsaw.

The Procnias albus, known as the white bellbird, was tracked at the base of a rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon, according to a study published Monday in the journal Current Biology.

Another species, Lipaugus vociferans, known as the screaming piha, was observed to have the loudest song of any songbird previously recorded. However, the white bellbird was found to have a song approximately 9 decibels louder than the screaming piha in the second of two compared song types, making it the bird with the loudest mating call.

The white bellbird had sound levels approximately three times that of the screaming piha in the second song, the study said.

At 125 decibels, the noise level is equivalent to that of a chain saw, according to the Center for Hearing and Communication.

Mario Cohn-Haft, an ornithologist at the National Institute of Amazonian Research and author of the paper, told the Guardian he noticed a captured white bellbird had a distinctive feature when he dissected it.

“It had a six pack,” Cohn-Haft told The Guardian. The bird had tissue five times thicker compared to most birds the same size.

Scientists noted in the study that it is thought some songbirds are able to sing loudly because they have “unusually wide mouths and broad gapes,” which originally occurred in evolution for eating fruit, roots and other foods.

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