PewDiePie has admitted he has an incredibly weird and nonconformist way of eating pizza

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PewDiePie has a confession to make. The way he eats pizza is really, really weird.

PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, posted "This video is Mildly Infuriating.." on October 17 where he referenced a photo on the subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating titled "The way my grandmother eats pizza."

Rather than cut the pizza into slices and eat them with his hands like a normal person, Kjellberg and this grandmother eat the pizza from the inside out with the crust still intact.

The way my grandmother eats pizza from r/mildlyinfuriating

"I've eaten pizza this way for over 20 years," Kjellberg said. "And every time we are out with friends and I start eating my pizza, it always goes weird and quiet, and I'm like, 'what?' And everyone is just staring at what I'm doing to the pizza."

He defended this barbaric lunacy by calling the method "amazing."

"What, you eat pizza with your hands ? Cringe, bro," he said. "Listen, there's a stigma. All I ask is you try it, OK? It's really epic."

He also said he likes that he ends up with a circular "pizza frame" when he's eaten all the innards.

"You can put your face in it and be like 'hey, pizza face.' It's awesome," he said. "I'll cut you a deal. Try it, and then you can see if you like it ... Alright, let's move on."

With over 101 million subscribers, Kjellberg is YouTube's biggest single creator. So he should really be careful about the dangerous pizza propaganda he's spreading.

The full clip is below, if you can bear to watch.

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