Hardee's puts giant 'crop burger' in Nashville-area field

Fox News Lifestyle 6 months ago

If you’re flying over Tennessee this week, don’t be surprised to see a giant burger sprawled across a field near Nashville.

Last week, national burger chain Hardee’s revealed its newest advertisement. But instead of using a billboard or commercial to market its tasty products, the restaurant chose to plaster its larger-than-life ad across a field.


Due to its size, the crop circle-like burger can only be viewed from above, where the word "Hardee's" is clearly visible underneath the burger. 

Designed by Stan Herd, a Kansas-based professional crop circle artist, the burger stretches across a field on Pennington Bend Road in the Opryland area, where it will remain for at least a week.

Hardee’s commissioned Herd’s services to promote their new “Tastes Like America” campaign “targeting America’s heartland,” according to Tennessean. Jeff Jenkins, CMO of Hardee’s parent company, CKE Restaurants, told The Hype Magazine the restaurant wanted to talk to customers in a non-traditional way, “with something different, something that wouldn’t blend in, and something we think fits our brand — a crop burger.”

Jenkins remarked that the food chain “worked with a local farmer, and renowned earthworks artist Stan Herd, to throw our food, and our customers, a down-home salute.”

Aside from the publicity, the fast food chain is also hoping to earn some good will with its latest marketing stunt. One lucky fan who posts a photo of the burger with the hashtag #cropburger will reportedly win a cooler full of Hardee’s branded items, the Tennessean reports.


So, if you’re passing over Nashville sometime soon, don't be surprised to see a burger blanketing the ground beneath you — and try to grab a window seat to secure yourself an award-winning shot.

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