Year 2 teacher suspended after being caught in drunken stupor in class

A female teacher who fell asleep in a drunken stupor in a Year 2 classroom and failed to notice a student being punched has been suspended from teaching in Queensland.

The teacher took Valium before a Year 2 science class in 2016 to calm herself after an argument with her ex-husband the previous night.

Blood tests showed the teacher had a blood-alcohol level of .34, indicating she was in a drunken stupor.

During "little lunch", she took more Valium and mixed vodka with water in a bottle before returning to the classroom.

She fell unconscious in the class and teachers called an ambulance, which took her to hospital.

The following month, the teacher again took Valium and drank a mix of water and vodka from a water bottle in class.

The principal went to the teacher's classroom and found her sitting at her desk asleep in front of the class. When she woke, she was confused and disoriented.

The principal advised her not to drive, but she drove from the school and was arrested and convicted of drink driving.

On a third occasion, in 2018, the teacher collapsed near the school library and was taken to hospital.

Blood tests showed she had a blood-alcohol level of .34 indicating she was in a drunken stupor.

Queensland's Civil and Administrative Tribunal has banned the woman from teaching for two years and ordered her to undertake treatment for alcoholism.

The teacher, who cannot be named, will be required to undergo monthly blood tests to prove total abstinence from alcohol for six months before being allowed to apply to resume working as a teacher.

In a QCAT judgment released on Saturday, the teacher will also be required to have monthly blood tests for at least a year once she returns to teaching.


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