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Leigh Creek to be expanded as a tourism destination


For the northern Flinders Ranges, Leigh Creek is being developed as a tourism hub. There’s a likelihood that Leigh Creek will grow once again, if a proposed coal gasification project is given green signal.

The residents of Leigh Creek are requesting the state government to keep more houses from getting demolished as plans to expand the South Australian remote town and transform to into a tourism hub. The small outback town, four years back was handed over to the government of South Australia after the close down of its coal mine in 2015.

The once home to hundreds of mine workers, this company town had a population of 2,500 during its peak times. In current day scenario, it is the home to a declining population of about 100 people.

The state government is in the process of changing Leigh Creek from an erstwhile government-owned town to an open public town and a regional tourism destination.

Round 200 houses will be damaged as part of a transformation plan, to decrease the town to a more sustainable size.

The state government approached Mel Bowden a resident, to buy the only supermarket of the town to bring the place back to an effective level.

She said that we were approached by Outback Communities Authority. Besides, they were approached by other government departments to come up and get the shop going once again.

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