Lake Geneva’s Ice Castles Remain Closed Due to Warm Winter Weather

Lake Geneva's Ice Castles Remain Closed Due to Warm Winter Weather

Lake Geneva’s popular ice castles have remained closed this month after organizers said warmer winter weather has made for challenging conditions.

A spokesperson for the attraction said the Wisconsin location now has a planned opening date of Jan. 27, but even that will remain dependent on the weather.

“Mother Nature has not been kind to us this January, so our opening date could be pushed back slightly,” said spokesperson Melissa Smuzynski. “We hope that isn’t the case, but ultimately, we need sustained cold temperatures in order to finish building the experience.”

Turns out, you can’t have ice castles without temperatures for, well, ice.

Dubbed by organizers as “Winter’s most magical attraction,” tickets for to ‘Ice Castles’ at Geneva National Resort in Lake Geneva went on sale last month. The experience, located in five cities across the country, includes features like ice slides, ice mazes and caverns, tunnels and crawl spaces made up of icicles and more.

According to a press release, the construction process for the experience began in early November, with ice artists building the entire attraction using icicles they grow, harvest and hand-place one-by-one, according to a news release.

This year, the attraction is also set to include a reimagined horse-drawn sleigh ride trail with new lighting features, and a host of whimsical winter characters who guests will be able to meet.

The Ice Castles typically open for the season in mid-to-late January, depending on the weather. Tickets range from $25-$29 for adults, and $17-$22 for children 17 and under. According to organizers, advance purchase is recommended.

“Tickets MAY be available on-site if Ice Castles is not sold out,” event officials say. “On-site prices are subject to higher rates.”

The experience typically remains open for only four weeks. Hours and dates vary by location. More information can be found here.

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