Kimpton Hotels New Secret Password Is Out, Good Through February 20, 2023

Kimpton Hotels New Secret Password Is Out, Good Through February 20, 2023

Kimpton Hotels have just launched their new Secret Password, “The Snuggle is Real” which is now valid for stays through February 20, 2023.

Members that say these words at the time of checking in are in for a surprise that could anything from a complimentary breakfast or drinks to free parking (up to the hotel to decide what their offer is).

Kimpton usually releases a new password every few months (at least they used to) but we haven’t seen a fresh one for a while now.

You can access IHG’s Kimpton page here.

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The new Social Password was revealed Kimpton through their Instagram today:

Sometimes Kimpton re-uses old “secret passwords” but I haven’t found this one when searching on google for the password history.

It’s been a while since the last password expired. I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t come back but we finally have one for the winter.

Of course, at many properties it really doesn’t matter too much as the benefit is pretty mediocre. Last time I was offered a tube of locally made body lotion at the Kimpton Bangkok. Odd gift, I must say, and I declined it subsequently. Some hotels have offered me a beverage or small F&B credit before.


The new Social Password for Kimpton hotel stays through February 20, 2023 is “The Snuggle is Real” and when you quote it upon check in the hotel will offer some kind of extra benefit.

Glad to see that Kimpton Secret Password came back for the winter months and I might be able to use it a few times in Bangkok, Samui and Tokyo.

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