Is Crunchyroll down? Outage explained

ANIME fans are apparently having issues accessing the Crunchyroll site.

More than a thousands reports were picked up by the Down Detector website at around 8.30am BST / 3.30am ET.

Crunchyroll is a favourite for anime fans

It’s not clear what has caused the issue.

And it’s not confirmed how widespread problems are – though many reports appear to be coming from the US.

Affected users apparently see a message saying the site is under maintenance.

“This page is currently under scheduled maintenance,” it reads.

“This page is unavailable but we’re working on it!

“Please try again later once we’ve had a chance to sweep up the code dust.”

Many users took to Twitter saying they had been bumped off the platform.

“Now why the hell crunchyroll on maintenance rn,” one user said.

“Crunchyroll down in the middle of my episode for what,” another added.

Reports began to drop off just after 9am BST / 4am ET, suggesting Cruchyroll may be back online.

Crunchyroll updates

You can usually get updates on Crunchyroll via the site’s official Twitter page.

That’s available @crunchyroll.

Users are also pretty quick on Reddit as well, so be sure to check if you notice any issues.

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