iPhone 17 tipped to receive a major design change with beastly battery and super slimness like never before

THE iPhone 17 may be two years away from release, but a major design change could already be on the way.

According to experts, the upcoming device could have an even larger battery capacity and a slimness never seen before.


The iPhone 15 was only released at the end of last month but talk is already underway for developments on upcoming models[/caption]

The iPhone 15 was only released at the end of last month and has received glowing reviews.

The next model, the iPhone 16, has already been set a release date of September 2024.

But it is the iPhone 17 that is drawing the most attention after analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, revealed that the 2025 model could include resin coated copper (RCC) parts inside.

As reported by product review website Tom’s Guide, Kuo claims that RCC parts can help reduce the thickness on the phone’s mainboard.

Not only would this free up some internal space for other things, it could also potentially allow Apple to make the iPhone 17 Pro even thinner.

Kuo also claims that RCC will make drilling easier, since it doesn’t include any fiberglass.

However, considering fragility is already a problem in smartphones, the last thing that’s needed is to make them even more prone to accidental damage

Regardless, Kuo said that there’s a solid chance it’ll appear in the iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max if Apple can improve the material before Q3 2024.

One of the things that the extra free space could be used for is an even larger battery capacity.

All four iPhone 15 models have ever so slightly larger batteries than their predecessors, so the likelihood that it will continue to increase is high.

Space inside a smartphone is at a premium and thinner components means Apple Tetris new hardware in to fill the void.

Whether that’s a better cooling system, haptic engines for more solid state buttons or a larger tetraprism lens for even better zooming power.

However, there is still a long way to go and it’s going to be a while before any rumours come to fruition.

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According to experts, the iPhone 17 could have an even larger battery capacity and a slimness never seen before[/caption]

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