Mobile homes destroyed after propane tank fire

Fox 4 Incident 10 months ago

Some people who live in a Tarrant County mobile home park thought gunshots woke them up Thursday morning. Instead, it turned out to be exploding propane tanks.

Somehow, one of the homes caught fire and people were being ordered out and away from the homes in the town of Rendon. Everyone made it out safe, although at least one person in this mobile home was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Aside from that, there is nothing to salvage.

One mobile home was burned to the ground. Another home was destroyed, and three cars are just ashes and metal.

The explosions of gas tanks on cars and propane tanks were mixed in with what sounded like bullets going off in the fire.

"We heard the popping. Thought it was gunshots,” said neighbor Alice Rojas. “Looked out the window and saw the sheriff pull up. Started hearing somebody screaming. I went outside, turned around and that was on fire."

Cell phone video shows how quickly the flames spread high into the air.

"They were higher than that tree that's a good 20 feet,” said neighbor Miguel Guia.

The fire burned one mobile home to the ground, destroyed the mobile home next door and scorched a home on the other side.

"From inside my trailer, you could hear and you could feel the flames. Like, everything burning."

Residents say a Tarrant County sheriff's deputy and other police and firefighters helped evacuate everyone.

There are about a dozen mobile homes in the Cottonwood Bend community. Residents say everyone was afraid the fire would keep spreading to their homes.

The cause of the fire is believed to be electrical, but it was fueled by the explosion of the gasoline and propane.

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