Parsons Green wedding has to be moved after the church was placed behind police cordon

The Sun Incident 13 months ago

A PLANNED wedding today in Parsons Green was moved after a terrorist detonated a bomb on a rush-hour tube train – injuring 29 people.

The ceremony venue Saint Doinis fell within the police cordon set up after the blast at around 8.20am in south west London.

The Bishop of Kensington, the Rt Rev Graham Tomlin, revealed a wedding had to be moved

Video emerged following the blast showing a device hidden inside a bucket in a Lidl bag

Police, paramedics and firefighters swarmed Parsons Green after the rush-hour explosion

Met Police confirmed that the incident was being treated as terrorism as they hunt the suspect

Speaking to the BBC, the Rt Reverend Graham Tomlin said that the wedding went ahead in a church in a neighbouring parish.

He said: “There was a wedding which was due to take place in St Dionis Church and we had to move very quickly to rearrange the wedding, so it’s moved down to All Saints, which is in the next door parish.”

And Rev Tomlin said it was an example of how the capital refuses to be beaten by terrorism.

He said: “It’s a sign of how life can go on, and how Londoners can adapt to situations like this.

“And how in some ways, something like this is dreadful, and has an impact on those who’ve been immediately impacted by it, but actually London is a very resilient place.

“And it’s quite important in a sense that the desire of these people who plant the bombs to cause fear around the place, that this doesn’t happen, as much as we can.”

What we know so far:

  • A homemade bucket bomb connected to a timer sent a “fireball” hurtling through an eastbound District Line Tube at Parsons Green at around 8.20am
  • The Metropolitan Police confirmed they are treating the horror as a terror attack and have identified a suspect using CCTV
  • 22 people have been taken to four hospitals across London including a young boy believed to have suffered serious burns to his legs
  • Train services through the area have been halted and a wide cordon put in place after terrified commuters were injured in a “stampede”
  • Theresa May has confirmed the UK terror threat level will remain at severe but security will be beefed up on trains following the “cowardly” attack
  • Initial reports falsely suggested a knifeman was on the loose and a second bomb was being detonated

The Rev Tomlin revealed St Doinis was opened up straight away in the “immediate panic” after the terrorism as a safe haven for people fleeing the station.

“People just needed somewhere to sit, to be quiet,” he added.

He praised vicar Tim Stilwell for quickly opening up the church in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham for traumatised commuters.

The church was then placed within the huge police cordon surrounding Parsons Green and forced to close.

The explosion rocked a District Line train sending  a “fireball down the carriage”.

Passengers suffered facial burns after the detonation as the train was waiting to depart the overground station.

Police forensics officers works alongside an underground tube train at a platform at Parsons Green

Police forensics officers works alongside an underground tube train at a platform at Parsons Green

Armed police were deployed to Parsons Green in the aftermath of the explosion

Police, fire and ambulance crews attend to an incident at Parsons Green tube station

Police, fire and ambulance crews attend to an incident at Parsons Green tube station

Police identify a suspect after Parsons Green Tube terror explosion

The terror attack victims included a schoolboy and a pregnant woman.

Video emerged showing flames from the bomb which was hidden in a bucket in a Lidl bag.

Cops have identified the Parsons Green terror suspect using CCTV after an IED attached to a timer exploded.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced "a manhunt is under way", adding: "The person or people responsible for this attack will be caught and will be brought to justice."

Chris Wildish, who was on Tube train as explosion happened at Parsons Green, describes seeing flaming device and injured passengers

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