Mischief Night masked thugs torch housing site, smash cars and throw fireworks

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Mindless yobs last night caused thousands of pounds worth of damage across the country as chaos broke out on Mischief Night.

Police were called out to deal with dangerous incidents including vandalism, arson and criminal damage.

In the north east, Cleveland Police rolled out dispersal orders in areas that have been targeted in previous years - but that didn't stop trouble from breaking out.

In one horrifying incident caught on camera, thugs were filmed hurling fireworks at moving cars.

John Green and his car with shattered windows
Vandals caused more than £20,000 on this building site

The footage shows drivers swerving to avoid being hit near the Tilery Estate in Stockton, Teesside.

A group of kids in Middlesbrough were also reported to have been throwing fireworks while a bus had its windows smashed.

On Stockton High Street, CCTV captured a group of youths wearing masks while causing disruption.

Mischief Night happens the evening before Halloween and involves masked terrors taking part in silly pranks but others carry out mindless acts of vandalism that leave a trail of destruction behind.

Vandals targeted this bus in Middlesbrough
The thugs also tried to kick the door in

It is more common in the US but has become popular in parts of the country in recent years with police gearing up for an increase in crime.

Teesside Police had issued a warning saying: "If you are a parent/carer of a young person who is out with friends, call them now, ask them what they are doing, reckless behaviour could lead to a criminal record and have far reaching consequences for a young person’s future."

In another terrifying incident CCTV footage shows a group of masked thugs targeting a family home in a mindless act that caused more than £1,000 worth of damage.

The black and white clip shows eight vandals pelting stones at the property's windows before one of them tries to kick the front door in.

Thugs smashed a window at this family home

A man who lives at the property in Liverpool said he was "infuriated" that his home had been attacked.

Asking not to be named, he said: "We got home about an hour after it happened and our neighbours came out straight away to point out the smashed window to us.

"Ours was the only house in the street attacked but the managed to smash our front window with an egg and break the front door beyond repair.

"We will have to replace these things ourselves and it is likely to cost us over £1,000. It's disgusting."

A car was tipped on its side at Ormskirk Train Station
A car's rear window was smashed in Kirby

Police were pelted with objects by a gang of yobs when they were called to a building site in Garston, Liverpool.

Specially adapted flats which will house people with disabilities are currently being built on the site in Garston, Liverpool, in a joint venture by Liverpool Housing Trust and Liverpool City Council.

The thugs had smashed the windows on the site before setting it on fire. The youngsters caused £20,000-£70,000 worth of damage

Craig McKibbin, managing director of Kingsmen Construction who are building the homes, told the Liverpool Echo : "The site is covered in infrared security and  CCTV but by the time our security guard got here, fire crews had already arrived.

"They set fire to the hoardings and smashed almost every window. They also damaged window frames by kicking them."

There was also reports of a gang trying to set fire to rubbish bins in Garston and a wheelie bin and mattress were set on fire in Anfield.

This baseball bat was seized by police
Arsonists set fire to this underpass

Several cars belonging to residents in a tower block in Kirby had all their windows smashed by vandals.

Retired police officer John Green was one of the people affected and said that the cars were attacked shortly before 8pm.

Another resident said that she wasn't able to get out to work after the cars were smashed because there was "glass everywhere".

In West Lancashire, a car was tipped over at Ormskirk Train Station by a group who are believed to have boarded a train to Aughton where more cars were damaged.

Other reports include arsonists setting fire to an underpass in Tanhouse before a car was damaged.

The playful term "Mischief night" is controversial as many believe it "legitimises" criminal behaviour.

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