I’m a tech whizz – why ‘must-have’ iPhone accessory will RUIN your battery life & there’s nothing you can do to fix it

A TECH whizz has revealed the “must-have” iPhone accessory that is ruining your device’s battery life – and there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

TikToker Kagan has taken to the platform to share the reasons your mobile’s battery health might be dipping very quickly.

Kagan took to TikTok to reveal why your iPhone battery health may be declining

He begins the clip by telling his followers that if they are experiencing problems with their iPhone battery health then it could be their fault.

One example he gave of how you could be draining your battery life is by using a very popular charging system – wireless chargers.

“While wireless charging is not inherently bad, using only wireless charging to charge your phone is a very bad idea,” he said.

“It would essentially mean your battery health if going to reduce faster than most and there’s almost nothing you can do about that”.

The second warning the expert from Nigeria gave was exposure to heat.

“So maybe you’re constantly charging the phone while you’re also using it,” he said.

“You’re somebody who is constantly carrying a huge power bank around with the cable plugged and you are chatting all day and texting all day and Instagramming.

“That’s the fastest way to reduce or destroy your iPhones battery health,” he added.

He urges mobile users to leave their phones alone while they’re charging and only use it once it’s ready to be unplugged.

The final tip Kagan gives to improve your iPhone battery health is to “avoid zero per cent at all times”.

“What you want to make sure you do is stay within 20 per cent and 80 per cent of the full charge at all times,” he said.

“Don’t go below 20 and don’t go above 80 except it’s absolutely necessary”.

He also suggests users to turn on optimise battery charging which monitors its battery by itself and helps you not destroy the battery.

The post racked up a mega 41.1k likes and over 600 comments from his followers.

One wrote: “Thank you sooooo much”.

Another added: “If you insist on charging your phone overnight, then use a slow charger and keep the fast one for when you need to charge your phone fast”.

A third commented: “Thanks for the tip Kagan!”

This comes after it was revealed that the place you live might be partly to blame for your bad iPhone battery life.

If you have poor cell coverage, your iOS device will experience higher battery drain.

The harder your iPhone has to work to find good signal, the more your battery will suffer.

So if you live, work or spend a lot of time somewhere where you rely on a bad or intermittent cell signal, it can affect your battery life.


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