I’m a tech expert – hang up on iPhone or Android call if you hear three ‘danger phrases’ or risk empty bank

THERE are three phrases that should instantly set alarm bells ringing on an unsolicited phone call.

If someone dials your iPhone or Android and says any of them, it might be time to hang up.


Don’t fall for scam phone calls – be cautious and listen out for the warning signs[/caption]

There are endless types of phone call scams – and any one of them could strike out of the blue.

The Sun asked a leading cyber-expert about some of the most common that everyday phone users should look out for.

We spoke to Dr Klaus Schenk, senior vice president, security, and threat research at Verimatrix, who revealed the “warning signs” that you’re on the line with a crook.

The first clue is that a phone call comes by surprise – and you don’t recognise the number.

“There are several warning signs or red flags that can indicate a phone call is a scam,” Dr Klaus told The Sun.

“If you receive an unexpected call or the number is unfamiliar, it should raise caution.

“In emergency situations, scammers may pretend to be helpful, such as posing as airline representatives, while their true intention is to steal identities and money.

“Conducting a quick internet search to verify the caller’s legitimacy is always a prudent step.”

Scam phrases revealed

There are three common phrases that scammers will use to try to hoodwink you.

First up is a scammer asking for “immediate payment”.

“Be wary if the caller asks for immediate payment or requests you to disclose personal information,” Dr Klaus warned.

The second phrase to watch out for is a “free gift” or chance to invest in something.

“Promises of lucrative financial opportunities or gifts, along with emotional manipulation tactics, should also raise suspicion,” Dr Klaus revealed.

And third, be very wary when someone on the phone asks you to “install an app”.

“Similarly, if the caller insists on installing certain apps or demands a comprehensive set of personal details, it is advisable to exercise caution,” Dr Klaus said.

If you’re suspicious about a phone call, it’s best to just hang up.

The best solution is to contact the business that you’re supposedly talking to directly.

Use contact details from the official website or app – and not any given over the phone, as they may be fraudulent.

That way you can verify any claims made on the phone call with the legitimate organisation.

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