I shared my WiFi with our neighbour in need – until she took advantage and I got sweet revenge

I shared my WiFi with our neighbour in need – until she took advantage and I got sweet revenge

YOU might want to think twice before lending a neighbour your WiFi password.

A person has revealed how their kindness was taken advantage of when trying to help out the lady next door.

“It was fine until three days later, she was still connected,” said the Redditor.

The owner of the WiFi already had five personal devices of their own connected, including three phones and two Smart TVs.

“[My neighbour] said she needed to do an assignment, and currently, their internet is not working. This was the first time she asked me,” the Reddit user posted, under the username @isstanzi.

“As a fellow student, I understand what she meant. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to connect her phone.”

The young neighbour, thought to be around 18-years-old, promised to disconnect from the Redditor’s WiFi in the morning.

“It was fine until three days later, she was still connected. My sister said to change the password, and I did,” said the Redditor.

“Then last week, she messaged me again, for the same reason that their WiFi is still not fixed.

“So I did without hesitation because it sounded like she needed to do something urgently.”

But later that day, the Redditor saw four more devices had been added to the WiFi – on top of their own five devices.

The Redditor suspects the neighbours’ brother and her brother’s friends had then connected their personal devices to the WiFi, without permission.

The WiFi, at just 80mbps, was struggling under the pressure of keeping nine separate devices supplied with internet.

So, the Redditor blocked the neighbouring devices from the network.

“Then last night, she (our neighbour) asked me again to connect her phone to our WiFi,” the Reddit user said.

“I said yes. But only because I could actually block her this time.

“Somehow, I feel like I shouldn’t block her because what if she really needs it for school stuff?

“I also understand why my sister is mad because she pays half of the WiFi bills.

” I don’t want to be really selfish about the WiFi password and s**t but it’s already slow and having four more devices just really makes it hard for us to connect to the internet.”

If you suspect someone is using your WiFi without permission, check out these tips.

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