I found a little-known Android setting that makes my Samsung phone battery last TWO days without a charge – try it now

I found a little-known Android setting that makes my Samsung phone battery last TWO days without a charge – try it now

A TIKTOKER has revealed a simple Samsung trick that they claim will help your phone’s battery last up to two days.

It’s inevitable that your device’s power capacity will dwindle as time goes on.

TikTok / electroworldph

Try it now on your phone to see if there’s a difference[/caption]

But there are some key ways that could help preserve juice.

As Electroworld has shared on TikTok, the first place to look is in the power saving setting.

“Here’s a quick tip on how to extend your battery life with Samsung,” they explain.

They say to slide from the top of your screen to the bottom to reveal the quick panel.

Then, long press on the power saving mode button.

There are several options to choose from here.

You can limit the CPU (known as the clock rate) of your phone to 70 per cent, which is the speed in which your device does things.

You can decrease the brightness by 10 per cent.

And you can limit apps and the Home screen.

Finally, switch the feature on at the top.

Ticking all of these could give you up to two days of battery life, the TikToker claims.

However, the true amount will depend on how old your phone is – and crucially, what you’re doing on it.

Watching 4K videos all day or playing games will use up more battery than sending the occasional message, so it’s something to be mindful of.

“OMG IT WORKS WHAT I NEEDED THIS,” one user wrote.

“mine 1 day and 22hours it’s almost 2 days ty,” another said.

There are other tricks worth trying too.

Turn off Always On Display

On some Galaxy devices you will have the fancy Always On Display.

As good as it looks, the feature will suck up battery, so it might be worth turning it off.

Start by going to Settings, then Lock screen and security.

Tap on Lock screen and Always On Display.

Turn off AOD by tapping on the AOD slider.

Avoid fully discharging your battery

Completely emptying your battery before charging is not a good idea on modern smartphones.

Doing so could degrade the battery overtime.

Samsung says it’s best not to let your battery go under 20 per cent.

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