I found a hidden Android button that makes your phone twice as fast and it takes less than 30 seconds

PHONE lag is a problem that happens all too often but fortunately there are ways to speed things right back up.

A TikToker has revealed a simple and easy trick that could make your Android device run a lot quicker.


Try it on your phone now[/caption]

And it’s all thanks to a hidden button most people don’t know exists.

Unbox PH shared the trick to their 197,000 followers on the video sharing platform.

The tool basically cuts back on animation features.

These animation features look snazzy on your phone but they can use up a bit of the device’s processing power.

So switching it off might be the solution you’re looking for.

To do it, it’s tucked away in a secret menu only meant for developers.

You can unlock it on your Android device by going to Settings and scrolling down to About phone.

Look for the Build number option and tap it repeatedly until a popup says: “You are now a developer!”

Go back and head to the System & updates section.

There will now be a Developer options button that wasn’t there before.

Tap it and scroll down until you see Window animation scale.

Select this and set it to .5x.

Do the same with the Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale too.

This will cut the animation times down when going from one app to another.

Users were divided about the effectiveness of the trick.

“OMG THANK YOU MY PHONE IS FASTER NOW,” one person commented.

“OMG it literally worked,” another said.

But a third user wrote: “I did it my phone is still slow.”

If this is the case for your phone, you might need to make some other adjustments, such as the ones listed below.

Clear out old apps

Apps take up precious space so it’s a good idea to delete any you don’t use that much.

But manually going through and deleting them yourself is a chore.

Fortunately, Google has a clever way to detect long-forgotten apps and clear them for you.

Find out how it works here.

Clear the cache

Cache is the little files that are downloaded onto your phone every time you access things like a web page.

These remember options like personal preferences or web page layouts so that they load quicker next time you visit.

But overtime they can build up into quite the mountain of data.

In which case, you might want to clear the cache for a speed boost.

Find out how to clear the cache on your phone here.

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