Hundreds of UFO sightings reported in Britain — is your area a hotspot for alien activity?

HUNDREDS of UFO sightings have been reported in Britain since 2020 — with Yorkshire the hotbed of activity.

Police have been inundated with descriptions of flying saucers and claims of alien abductions.

Yorkshire has been a hotbed for alien sightings in recent years

Officers in South Yorks received the most at 127 — 53 of them in Sheffield.

UFO experts said sightings soared during the Covid pandemic because people stuck indoors spent more time looking out of windows.

It was not clear what might attract an E.T. to “God’s Own Country” — known for its tea, puddings, terriers, Whitby Abbey, cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott and actor Sean Bean.

But Yorkshire UFO hunter Russ Kellet claims that he has been abducted dozens of times.

He said since Covid he had noticed “more and more people were getting into the paranormal, from ghost hunting to alien abductions”.

Other counties with a high number of UFO reports to police included Leicester with 65 and Essex with 20.

Police were called to a Derbyshire village after a “portal” reportedly opened over a resident’s garden and a mystery craft the size of a bus appeared.

The local, who claimed not to believe in aliens, said: “All you could see is a flat surface and a beam of light coming down to the ground.”

Merseyside officers dealt with a caller who said they saw “a cone-shaped UFO and beams of orange light” in the sky above St Helen’s.

In the Nottinghamshire village of Gedling, one local visited cops to report being “kidnapped by a UFO”.

In North Wales, a spooked onlooker said they witnessed a giant silver craft being pursued by a helicopter with flashing lights.

A UFO spotter told Essex Police: “The object appeared oval in shape and was a metallic colour with no apparent markings or lights.

“It was moving quickly across the sky, with no deviation in height or direction.”

But some parts of the country appear to be black holes for UFO activity.

Wiltshire Constabulary said it had not received a single UFO report in the past three years.

The data — obtained after a Freedom of Information request — comes as Nasa refuses to rule out signs of alien life.

The findings of its latest study emerged on Thursday.

Sixteen scientists looked at more than 800 cases of what they now call Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena across three decades.

They put most down to balloons, aircraft or natural occurrences but some could not be explained.

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