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How To Style A Vintage Printed Cardigan In Modern Ways

A hallmark of spring fashion, the lightweight knit heralds a fresh start for next spring, and provides a comfortable wardrobe essentials. For the next season, fashion bloggers are already celebrating these cardigan sweaters with lots of vintage knits and classic patterns—inspired by chunky granny cardi that are experiencing a big comeback.

The same goes for the stylish cardigan that you have layered underneath with everything. Your favorite outfit might keep you warm year after year, but these 2022 sweater trends will make you look way more stylish.

The types of vintage knitted cardigans are also increasingly popular now and they come up with some styles such as, crop top to oversized chunky cardigans. Not surprisingly, a lot of fashionistas try to buy and these collect knit cardigans of various types and models to complete their fashion items for the next spring 2023.

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1. Square Patterned Cardigan

As the aesthetics of granny’s cardigans are so trending now, so is the inspirations of this knitted square cardigan. Really, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as this knit brings perfect sophistication and comfort to any outfit. You can mix and match with your favorite loose jeans and ankle boots.

2. Floral Embroidery Fitted Cardigan

Not so different from the square trend, most of these classic floral embroidery cardigans are usually come with fitted style. You can mix and match with jeans and boots. You can get the parisian look with this cardigan style.

3. The Chunky Oversized Cardigan

While fluffy sweaters are alluring, this spring they were replaced with another comfortable alternative – oversized chunky cardigans in an early 2000s-inspired print , these knits becoming one of the biggest trends of the season thanks to their Y2K twist.

4. The Striped Crop Cardigan

In particular, the trend is dark blue or black stripes on a beige touch. Continuing the minimalist looks, stripes are a simple pattern that can be paired with almost any look.

5. Fair Isle Cardigan

From this chunky cardigans to oversized knits, you can always expect royal style to chic a nostalgic, retro-to-wear sweater in more ways than one.

6. Colorful Cardigans

Pair this super colorful cardigan with trousers or skinny jeans and ankle boots to get the most stylish spring look.

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