House to formalize Biden impeachment inquiry Tuesday

House to formalize Biden impeachment inquiry Tuesday

WASHINGTON (NewsNation) — Republicans on Capitol Hill are expected to make major moves in the impeachment process against President Joe Biden Tuesday.

The House Rules Committee is preparing for a vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry, which would lead to a full chamber vote on the matter as early as next week.

House Speaker Mike Johnson published a new op-ed in USA Today on the issue.

The headline: “Mounting evidence against Biden can’t be ignored. We’re pursuing impeachment.”

“We owe it to the people to undertake this process methodically and transparently,” Johnson wrote.

Tuesday’s meeting comes as the committee prepares to receive more than 62,000 pages of additional documents from the national archives. Those documents include emails by Joe Biden under secret aliases and records tied to his son, Hunter Biden.

“Abby Lowell, Joe Biden’s attorney, implied in a letter this wasn’t a legitimate impeachment inquiry because it hadn’t been voted on. Well, we’re going to check that box,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said.

House Republicans have been working to prove that then-Vice President Joe Biden abused his office to profit from Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. This includes alleged bribes, although Republicans have failed so far to prove any wrongdoing by the president.

However, the walls do appear to be closing in on Hunter Biden.

The president’s son is now fighting six felonies and a slew of misdemeanors over alleged gun and tax crimes.

On the financial indictments, prosecutors alleged he failed to pay taxes while raking in millions from lucrative overseas business deals in Ukraine and China.

House Republicans hope to uncover proof that then-Vice President Joe Biden was enriched by these deals and that US foreign policy was influenced because of them.

The president has denied all allegations against him.

“It’s a bunch of lies,” he said.

Hunter Biden and the House Oversight Committee are also in a standoff over a subpoena to testify. The committee has threatened to hold the president’s son in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t appear for a closed-door deposition by tomorrow.

He agreed to testify, but only at an open hearing.

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