Hong Kong WinterFest: Dec 23-26, A spectacular holiday joy!

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Celebrate the magic of Hong Kong WinterFest! Enjoy dazzling fireworks, festive performances, and joyful encounters at the Christmas Village.

Embrace the Festive Spirit at the Hong Kong WinterFest, Presented by the HKTB! This spectacular four-day festivity in the heart of the city invites everyone to indulge in a variety of live performances at the Christmas Village and the breathtaking “Harborfront Firework Spectacle.”

Christmas Village: A Festive Hub of Entertainment
Throughout the WinterFest, the Christmas Village becomes a hub of joy and merriment. Dominating the scene is a magnificent 20-meter Christmas tree, casting a glow over Victoria Harbor with its vivid lights. Evenings at the village are alive with diverse live shows, including heartwarming Christmas carols, energetic dance routines, and soulful instrumental music, all contributing to a festive and lively atmosphere.

Encounters with Joyful Festive Characters
In addition to the performances, the Christmas Village is home to an array of delightful festive characters. Visitors can meet and interact with elves, reindeer, and even Santa Claus, who might be found in his specially designed gift-box house, ready to share the festive joy.

“Winter Harbourfront Pyrotechnics”: A Spectacle of Lights
A key feature of the WinterFest is the “Winter Harbourfront Pyrotechnics.” This event illuminates the skies over Victoria Harbor for four consecutive evenings, from December 23rd to 26th. At 8 pm, a 10-minute firework show dazzles spectators with brilliant colors and festive designs. The best views are along the waterfront promenade in the West Kowloon Cultural District, offering a perfect prelude to the New Year’s celebrations.

WinterFest Celebrations with Po Leung Kuk Children
The WinterFest festivities also encompass a special early Christmas celebration with children and families from Po Leung Kuk. Their adventure begins at the Christmas Village, where the sheer size and beauty of the Christmas tree leave a lasting impression. The children’s excitement peaks during their meeting with Santa, a moment filled with smiles and hugs. After enjoying a festive meal, they receive coloring postcards of the Christmas Village, spreading holiday happiness with their peers.

The “Winter Harbourfront Pyrotechnics” stand out as a memorable experience for the children, combining the joy of colorful fireworks with the majestic night views of Victoria Harbor. This initiative by the HKTB aims to share the warmth and love of the season, encouraging the community to explore and enjoy the city’s festive offerings and picturesque landscapes.

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