Holiday Travel to be Impacted by Winter Storm

Holiday Travel to be Impacted by Winter Storm

A winter storm is fast approaching and people want to fly out before it reaches New England on Friday.

The upcoming weather is one of the reasons most airlines are waiving change fees for travelers looking to reschedule their flights.

Massport is expecting around 1.2 million travelers in the next 8 days through Logan Airport, a similar amount to the people traveling during thankgiving.

The agency says it’s ready for the travel rush and announced they have plenty of staff to deal with crowds at Logan without major issues.

“If you’re traveling to an area impacted, I ask you to check with your airline before you head to the airport. Give yourself about two hours on the domestic side and internationally I would give myself three hours.” said Ed Freni from Massport.

There have been only a handful of delays so far on Thursday.

Air travel this year during the holidays is at about 90% of what was normally seen before the pandemic began.

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