Have You Visited The Stunning, David Attenborough-Narrated BBC Earth Experience?

While we’re used to hearing this natural treasures voice across Sunday night nature tele, Sir David Attenborough will be your guide to the brand new BBC Earth Experience.

Taking an interactive hike across the footage of BBC’s Seven World’s, One Planet, which explores every one of the world’s continents, surrounding you with screens into the ever-changing and diverse make-up of Earth.

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What can I expect at the BBC Earth Experience?

The BBC Earth Experience runs all the way until July 31, and provides an immersive flurry of light and colour set to the tone of TV’s most beloved explore.

As he does on the Seven Worlds, One Planet show, let the intrepid lover of the environment and all it gives us be your host as you beam yourself between Earl’s Court and the rest of the world. Projected footage will hit you from every angle in a 1608mspace.

BBC Earth Experience shining away
Image: BBC Earth Experience

Can you really lose yourself when the whole world is at your fingertips? Easily, think of all the places you gawked at during Seven Worlds, One Planet; waving at a monkey swinging from a branch as you wander through swathes of shrubbery.

Visitors can step into the giant main space, with a smattering of different viewpoints of the world to channel your inner documentary-maker (with an impressive production value to boot), then waltz into a pair of small rooms for some interactive experiences including flying bubbles.

BBC Earth Experience Northern Lights
Image: BBC Earth Experience

Plus, if this experience proves as successful as 2019’s Seven World’s, One Planet, it’s certain to be onto a winner. It was the most-watched factual show of that year, celebrating the life bursting from each part of the world. With 92 shoots across 41 countries, it hit a depth not seen in a show of its kind. And you can throw yourself into its sphere at the BBC Earth Experience, without hopping on scores of flights in the process.

Mat Way, Global Director, Live Entertainment, Gaming & Interactive, BBC Studios said: “We are delighted to partner with Moon Eye Productions and Live Nation to bring the BBC’s ground-breaking natural history content to this amazing live immersive London location for everyone to enjoy.”

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here. Find the BBC Earth Experience at The Daikin Centre, Earl’s Court, Empress Place, SW6 1TT.

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