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Hack for wearing long pants with flat shoes


Everlane texture cotton cardigan petite try on

Over the weekend I shared an outfit I’ve been loving pairing looser trousers with sneakers – a combo that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to try a couple years ago. The length of these pants fit me best with a pair of heels, but I discovered a little trick that also helps them work with sneakers!

I initially bought a bunch of heel lifts because I have low ankles and a lot of shoes rub uncomfortably there. But an unexpected benefit was that they help keep some pant hems from dragging on the ground! Here I’m using these heel lifts which are 3.3 cm / 1.3 inches tall, and I also have the lower AdjustaLifts for when I just need a tiny lift to mitigate the ankle rubbing issue. I tried several brands and like these two because they are slimmer fit, while others were too wide to fit inside my shoes.

Now these won’t do enough on pants that are several inches too long, but they help, and I am wearing platform sneakers as well for another inch. If you missed it, you can see my original shoe hacks post where these were featured.

I also wanted to mention that my Everlane cardigan was just restocked for the season in 3 neutral colors. I got mine over a year ago and it’s a nice quality, chunky cotton knit that is medium-heavier in weight. For a more budget-friendly non-cotton option, I recently picked up this waffle crop cardigan and love it! It’s soft to the touch, has a slightly oversized boyfriend style but is still petite-friendly in length, and I love the waffle texture.

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J.Crew flats with AdjustaLifts for a small lift // Everlane sneakers with these lifts for more lift (1.3 inches)