Get Your Hands on Etsy’s Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Earrings Before They Disappear

Something supernatural is in the air this Halloween, and it might be lurking closer than you think. In preparation for the spooky holiday, Etsy sellers have introduced glow-in-the-dark ghost earrings in multiple varieties. Made of clay, resin, and other incandescent materials, each set of earrings creates the illusion of your face being haunted by a set of miniature phantoms. While they don’t levitate on their own, the spirits can illuminate any fall outfit, making them perfect for a moonlit stroll through the pumpkin patch or a last-minute venture into a haunted house.

As you get to work on preparing your elaborate costumes, keep in mind these ghost earrings add a bewitching touch to even the simplest cold-weather ensemble. One pair boasts a pair of ghosts trapped in glass bottles à la “Ghostbusters,” while a more classic set of ghost earrings glows bright green like each spirit is dripping in ectoplasm. Another set of jewelry shows a Polaroid of Barbara and Adam from “Beetlejuice” clad in their signature bedsheets.

If you’re in the mood for something less traditional, there’s also a pair of resin ghost earrings mixed with holographic glitter, as well as one that depicts the spirits holding freshly carved jack-o’-lanterns, a unique design that doubles as a conversation starter at Halloween parties. For anyone having trouble committing to just one pair, you can also mix and match the specters depending on the tones of your outfit or the occasion. (We highly recommend the jack-o’-lantern earrings for your next pumpkin painting contest.)

Ahead, shop our favorite pairs of glow-in-the-dark ghost earrings, and check out more ghoulish gifts for Halloween here.

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