Free iPhone ‘Tap to Pay’ upgrade lets your mobile accept contactless payments from today – check your model now

BRITS can now use their iPhones to accept contactless payments – and millions of models are eligible.

Apple’s Tap to Pay feature has finally launched in the UK as a free upgrade.


Apple now lets you turn your iPhone into a contactless payments terminal[/caption]

The feature first launched in the US last year with the iOS 15.4 update.

But it’s now available in Britain with the latest iOS 16.4 version on your device – just go to Settings > General > Software Update to check.

You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got an iPhone XS or later, as older Apple models won’t be able to use the tech.

It’s not designed for ordinary users to accept cash from mates or family.

Instead, it’s designed to allow businesses – big or small – to ditch clunky contactless terminals and use iPhones instead.

Paying fair

Payment giant Revolut – which is one of the first apps to support the tech – said it will allow almost anyone to “accept payments in a secure and convenient manner”.

“We expect to see all kinds of businesses — from freelancers and sole traders to retail shops and barbershops, food stands, and more — quickly start accepting contactless payments with only an iPhone,” Revolut’s Alex Codina said.

Once you’ve set up your iPhone for Tap to Pay, it’ll be able to accept almost any contactless payment.

That means people will be able to use iPhones, Android phones, Apple Watches, as well as contactless credit and debit cards to tap and pay.

Tap to Pay won’t appear as a feature on your iPhone by default.

Instead it’s a feature that can be built into payment apps, with early support from Revolut and NatWest’s Tyl.

Plenty of other businesses are set to join in “soon” according to Apple, including: Adyen, Dojo, myPOS, Stripe, SumUp, Viva Wallet, Worldline, and PayPal’s Zettle.

How to use Tap to Pay

First, you’ll need a business account with a supporting payments app.

Then once you’ve set up the app with Tap to Pay, you’ll be able to set up a virtual “checkout”.

A customer can then hold their smartphone near – or tap their contactless card on – the iPhone to make a payment.

This includes cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The payment will take place “securely” using NFT tech, which is built into all modern iPhones.

Apple Stores will also begin using this technology in the UK to collect payments from customers.

Tap to Pay also allows apps to set up a tip functionality if someone wants to hand over a little extra cash for good service.

“We’ve seen Tap to Pay on iPhone transform the checkout experience for so many different types of businesses,” Apple Pay chief Jennifer Bailey said.

“And we’re thrilled to now support merchants across the UK by offering an easy, secure, and private way to accept contactless payments.

“Using the power, security, and convenience of iPhone, with no additional hardware needed.”

“Small and medium-sized businesses have long played a vital role in the UK economy.

“And alongside payment platforms, app developers, and payment networks, we’re making it easier than ever for UK businesses to seamlessly accept contactless payments and continue to grow their business.”


You’ll be able to instantly make payments between smartphones using Tap to Pay[/caption]

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