Four easy changes you can make to prolong your iPhone’s battery life – you’ve been doing it all wrong every time

YOUR iPhone battery being quick to run out of juice is no laughing matter.

But you might not be aware of mistakes you’re making that are making it worse – including keeping your device’s cover on while charging it.

A tech whizz told viewers how they can prolong their iPhone battery

Influencer Oumar urged Apple users not to use their phone while it’s charging[/caption]

Tech whizz @oumarsolution took to TikTok to demonstrate a cluster of nifty tips and tricks to prolong your iPhone battery life.

The influencer begins by insisting users stop using their phones while they are connected to a charger.

“When you are charging your iPhone and still pressing it, it will keep generating heat and the temperature of your phone will rise,” Oumar starts.

“This will affect your battery and lead to a decrease in your battery health.”

The expert also suggests removing your case as it’s charging to further make sure the heat “gets diffused” to the surrounding area.

Thirdly, Oumar reminds iPhone owners that should only plug in their charger when necessary.

He continued: “You should really only charge your iPhone when your battery drops to 30%.

“And once it reaches 80%, just remove the charger to help maintain your battery health.”

Finally, investing in a good quality charger is sure fire way to avoid damaging your device’s battery.

“From the price you can tell which chargers are good,” he advised.

Viewers were impressed by Oumar’s comprehensive advice.

“Thank you brother I learned a lot from you,” one user said.

A second weighed in: “Fantastic advice, thanks so much!”

Elsewhere, the button on the side of your iPhone is key to improving battery life and most Brits have NO idea about the “hidden” bonus feature.

Battery drain is normal the more you use your iPhone and depending on what type of apps you’re running.

But there are tricks you can do with the iPhone to help improve your device’s battery life.

The expert also urged device owners to charge their phone sparingly

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