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Five jobs at risk of vanishing with ‘humans replaced by AI bots’ – could your profession be at risk?

ARTIFICAL intelligence bots are sparking fears that millions of Brits could lose their jobs in the near future.

Experts think ChatGPT – a new artificial intelligence system that can create human-like text – could replace humans in several professions.

Mundane tasks may be done by AI in the future

You can feed it a prompt, and it will create a chunk of text that continues on.

If it works correctly, it will read in natural language as though it was written by a human.

And it can even hold conversations, learning from things that you’ve said.

The mind-blowing app can talk to you like a human, write poems, give you baking advice, solve complicated puzzles and so much more.

Some companies, including creative agency IZSRI have already started to use AI to automate writing tasks.

And its creative director and AI lead Zak Saidi, believes more and more humans will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next three years.

Here are the jobs he believes will be first to go….


Mr Saidi believes people who produce online copy could be first to get the axe.

He told Mail Online: “We work with a lot of copywriters and there is certainly a lot of industry talk around the replacement of content writers by AI technology.

ChatGPT is free, copywriters aren’t – we expect more tech-savvy small businesses to turn to ChatGPT and its AI counterparts when generating more content.”


Mr Saidi believes the retail sector will be hit with “serious job losses” because of AI.

He explained: “As we’ve seen, checkout staff, customer service assistants and personal shoppers are slowly being replaced by AI bots – powered by the exact same kind of artificial learning technology that ChatGPT works off.”


ChatGPT can also write computer code in languages such as Python – meaning software engineers’ jobs could be at risk.

Mr Saidi said: “ChatGPT generates lines of html code without having to think, solving complex errors in sequence of code infinitely faster than a human.

“This, to a certain extent, is throwing the role of supporting software engineers into question.

“Whilst you still do need a human to plan out a software development project, ChatGPT can act as a crucial tool to resolve broken code and build basic applications – a role that would have been previously reserved for junior software engineers.”


Mr Saidi explained that AI can also generate images.

But graphic designers may look to artificial intelligence for inspiration, rather than as a replacement for their independently designed work.

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