Five Easter eggs you probably missed from the last Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer

Five Easter eggs you probably missed from the last Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer

With less than a month left until Tears of the Kingdom is released, the final trailer was revealed.

It’s the last trailer we’ll receive before launch, and teased a lot of previously unannounced areas and characters.


Plenty of fan favourites from BotW are back.[/caption]

There was so much crammed into the short trailer that it was hard to catch it all even on subsequent viewings.

Here are the five Easter Eggs found in the latest Zelda trailer

Zelda: TotK – The return of (un)familiar faces

Throughout the trailer there are a number of characters that are both recognisable and unfamiliar. 

Prince Sidon of the Zora is an obvious one alongside Zelda, but there are more characters we’ve met before.

While she doesn’t feature prominently, we see Chief Riju of the Gerudo clan fight alongside Link, as well as a grown up Tulin, son of the Rito that helps you take down the divine beast Vah Medoh.

These characters appear often, and many have speculated that you’ll be able to fight alongside them at different points in the story as NPCs.

Zelda: TotK – Time moves on

We know that TotK is set after BotW, but the characters and places can help age it. 

Tulin is more a teenager than a child, Link’s hair has grown, and most of all the towns are being rebuilt.

We think we’ve spotted both Hateno and Kakariko villages in the trailer, far more built up than before.

Link can also be seen helping out the citizens of Hyrule, helping them rebuild what seems like a wartorn country.

Zelda: TotK – New races in Hyrule?


It seems as if a completely new race has been discovered in Hyrule.[/caption]

About halfway through the trailer – and again a little later on – two unusual women are pictured that don’t look similar to any of Hyrule’s various races.

The first appears similar to a Sheikah with the third-eye on their forehead, but a closer look reveals scaly dragon-like skin.

The next looks like a Hylian but with far longer ears, and carries the markings of forest dwellers such as Koroks.

Finally, there is the mystery surrounding the man who places his hand on Zelda’s shoulder. 

There’s no clue to his identity except that he bears the symbol of the ancient Zonai tribe, with clothing similar to our dino friend’s.

Zelda: TotK – Return of time travel

Zelda has never been afraid to jump between timelines. A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask all featured time travel as a central theme.

We think it could return here, starting with the logo which features Uroboros, a dragon eating its own tail.

Link’s new abilities can reverse and slow down time as seen in the trailers, so what’s to say this couldn’t be extended.

We already saw glimpses of this with the champions in BotW, and it looks like TotK will take the time travel even further.

Zelda: TotK  – Tears are real


Is this the same tear as Zelda’s? Or is this just Zelda?[/caption]

The name Tears of the Kingdom has been around for a while now, but we haven’t been told what these tears are.

In a previous trailer we sawa symbol of someone – similar to the dino people – surrounded by seven tears, so collecting them could be the goal of this game.

The most obvious one can be seen in Zelda’s hands near the end of the trailer, but there are others hidden throughout.

One can be seen on the neck of our long-eared friend, one on the hand of Sidon, and another safely tucked in Tulin’s hilt.

Interesting to note is Sidon’s is blue, Tulin’s is green while Zelda’s and the new character’s are both yellow, meaning that it could be the same one, or that the two women are one.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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