Singer Chris Cornell's wife says his death is 'inexplicable' and rejects the suicide ruling

Business Insider Finance 4 months ago

DETROIT (AP) — The family of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell is refuting "inferences that Chris knowingly and intentionally" killed himself.

The family said in a statement that without toxicology tests completed, they can't be sure what led to his death, or if any substances were involved. According to lawyer Kirk Pasich, Cornell had a prescription for the anti-anxiety drug Ativan, which he said has various side effects.

The musician was found dead in his Detroit hotel room Wednesday after performing at a concert.

Cornell's wife, Vicky Cornell, said in the statement that when she spoke to her husband after the Detroit show, he told her he may have taken "an extra Ativan or two" and was slurring his words.

"What happened is inexplicable, and I am hopeful that further medical reports will provide additional details," Vicky Cornell said in a statement. "I know that he loved our children, and he would not hurt them by intentionally taking his own life."

The medical examiner in Detroit said Cornell hanged himself. Police told two Detroit newspapers the singer was found with a band around his neck.

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