Why Should You Practice Vibrational Giving?

Forbes Finance 1 month ago

“What is vibrational giving?” you may wonder. Before I tell you the answer, I would like you to think back to the last time you helped someone in need. What did you do? How did it feel? Did you expect anything in return?

We have all had friends who really needed our help, even if it was just a simple matter of giving them a ride. We have passed by homeless people on the streets struggling to make ends meet. We might have also come across GoFundMe pages of strangers on the internet afflicted with illnesses that require expensive treatments. Regardless of who they are, I am sure we have all helped someone in need.

While I am a big believer in the principle that the universe returns what we send out into it tenfold, if you ask me, most people are giving in the wrong way. The act of giving has been socialized as a sense of responsibility and duty to society. Most religions teach followers to donate a portion of their wealth to charity, so when we see friends and co-workers give to an organization they support, we feel obliged to join in. Worst of all, we sometimes think that the people we help owe us.

If Buddha has taught us anything, it is that the intention and state of mind in which you give is far more significant than what you offer. This is what vibrational giving is all about!

Vibrational giving is a specific way of giving I discovered that helped me become a Thai Baht billionaire before the age of 35. It is the practice of focusing on the emotions that we feel while giving to others. The feelings attached to giving are more crucial than most people realize. If you feel hate as you give, you’re setting up an “attractor field” to experience hate later. If you feel love as you give, you are going to attract love back to you later.

There are 3 easy ways to practice vibrational giving: 

  1. Give without expectations
  2. Give that emotion, receive that emotion
  3. Give first of whatever you wish to receive

The law of vibrational giving is at the core of wealth attraction and creating unlimited opportunities in your life. If success is what you seek, you now know what to do!

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