16 wild details that reveal the lavish life of WeWork founders Adam and Rebekah Neumann

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Adam Neumann is no longer a billionaire.

Forbes, which estimated that the former WeWork CEO was worth around $4.1 billion in March, has since announced that the company's disastrous IPO filing ensured that Neumann no longer has billions of dollars to his name.

But for a while, Neumann and his wife and WeWork cofounder, Rebekah, seemed at home in the jet-setting billionaire crowd.

Here's a look inside the Neumanns' lavish lifestyle.

The Neumanns reportedly own a $10.5 million Manhattan townhouse.

The property is at the center of a rather expensive financial dispute, with contractors alleging that the couple has failed to fork over $1.1 million to cover unpaid bills.

The townhouse renovation project was reportedly set to cost $6.5 million originally.

Of course, the townhouse isn't the family's only property.

WeWork's founding couple also reportedly bought a $35 million property in Gramercy Park ...

... as well as residences in Westchester County ...

... and the Hamptons.

The Neumanns' $21 million house in the San Francisco Bay Area even has a custom guitar-shaped room.

On the commercial front, Adam Neumann also has his hand in at least $100 million worth of commercial property and startup investments.

Some of Neumann's more controversial moments also speak to a lavish lifestyle. The CEO reportedly once left a "sizable chunk" of weed on a Gulfstream G650 during a jaunt to Israel.

The ousted CEO also reportedly prompted WeWork to buy a $60 million G650. Employees told Business Insider that bedrooms and televisions were added to the company plane to accommodate the Neumanns.

The Neumanns pledged to donate $1 billion in 10 years, with the now-irrelevant stipulation that, if they failed to fulfill that goal, they would lose a substantial degree of control over WeWork.

On the WeWork front, Neumann reportedly shelled out money for a party featuring tequila shots and Run DMC ...

... minutes after talking about the necessity of cost-cutting layoffs.

WeWork employees told Business Insider that Neumann has a particular penchant for $140 Don Julio 1945 tequila.

As CEO, Neumann was also chauffeured around in a Maybach car worth over $100,000 ...

... and enjoyed an office "spa and ice bath," Vanity Fair reported.

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