Family of 14-year-old girl speaks out after flight attendant allegedly filmed her in bathroom

Family of 14-year-old girl speaks out after flight attendant allegedly filmed her in bathroom

The parents of a 14-year-old girl are speaking out after they say an American Airlines flight attendant secretly recorded her using the bathroom on a flight to Boston earlier this month.

In a statement, the family alleges that while on American Airlines flight 1441 from Charlotte to Boston on Sept. 2, their daughter “was targeted and victimized by a child predator who filmed her while using the bathroom.”

“There is no doubt in our minds this was perpetrated by the lone male flight attendant on board, who directed her to use the first-class bathroom from coach, entered just before her “to wash his hands” – then telling her the seat was broken and “not to worry about it” – and reentering directly after she left. This sequence of events has been corroborated by other passengers on board. After using the toilet our daughter realized a largely obscured iPhone had been affixed to the back of the toilet seat to record her, and courageously took a picture of this with her own phone. Very specific features on the hidden phone perfectly matched the one subsequently recovered from the flight attendant by law enforcement, and airline representatives confirmed the official stickers used to secure and hide the phone would not have been accessible to anyone other than crew,” the statement read.

It continued, “These events have left our daughter – and entire family – shocked and profoundly disturbed. It is hard to fathom that a flight attendant – charged with ensuring our safety and security, and to whom the flying public is legally bound to obey – appears to have targeted and exploited our child in obtaining child pornography during a flight. That someone like this was allowed to be in that position of trust – and could follow through with such reckless behavior unchecked – should shock every parent.”

The statement included an image of the alleged hidden camera.

State police confirmed they responded to Logan Airport after the flight landed to investigate a possible crime on board.

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