PewDiePie insists he’s against Brexit but admits he will benefit as he reveals plans to move to Japan

Metro Entertainment 2 months ago
PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)
The star opened up about Brexit during a live stream (Picture: PewDiePie/YouTube)

PewDiePie has insisted he’s against Brexit – although the YouTuber admitted he’ll benefit from the lower taxes.

Honesty is the best policy, right?

The YouTube star, who recently returned from a getaway to Japan with his new wife Marzia, spoke out about the issue on a DLive stream.

Suddenly turning the conversation to Brexit, the 29-year-old admitted: ‘I benefit from Brexit. I get less taxes but I don’t support it.’

PewDiePie and Marzia Kjellberg
Felix and Marzia recently enjoyed a getaway to Japan (Picture: PewDiePie)

He reasoned: ‘That’s the good thing about Europe, you can travel to other countries and live there if you want to.’

Meanwhile, after the star bought a house in Japan a few weeks ago (as you do), he also opened up about his plans to live there, at least for a little while.

‘It’s like we’ve just got set up in the UK and now we’re leaving,’ he said, revealing that the couple are planning to stay in Tokyo.

‘I don’t know how long we’ll stay in Japan – it depends on tax and visas.’

Previously revealing that he’d bought a property over there, he told fans in a recent video: ‘Hey, remember a while back when last time I was in Japan, and I was like “I would really like to live here”?

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)
The star bought a new house in Japan – as you do (Picture: @itsmarziapie)

‘Well, we bought a house here, yay! So we are just here for a couple of days setting up. That’s why I don’t have my whole set up and everything is terrible. I just wanted to say thank you, it’s a dream come true!’

Felix and Marzia, who tied the knot earlier this year at London’s Kew Gardens, got engaged in Japan back in 2018, with them going back to visit a whole host of times.

Most recently, they’ve been sharing gorgeous snaps of their holiday, from the markets and skyscrapers of Tokyo to art galleries and fireworks displays.

Apart from a pretty terrifying knife injury, they looked to be having a blast.

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