Parents guide: Advice about films kids may want to see in theaters or opening soon

Chicago Tribune Entertainment 1 month ago


What it's about: A retiring assassin faces his most difficult foe yet: his clone.

The kid attractor factor: Teens might be into action genre and Will Smith, but there isn't much kid attractor here.

Violence: Assassination by shooting, ambushes, murder, motorcycle chases, extreme special ops combat, shooting, grenades, etc.

Language: One or two instances of strong language/swearing.

Sexuality: None.

Drugs:. Drinking.

Parents advisory: This film involves some extreme fighting, violence and guns, but it’s generally OK for teens and perhaps older kids.


What it's about: A gritty, dark backstory for the DC Comics villain, set in a 1970s-era Gotham.

The kid attractor factor: Teens will be drawn to a story about the notorious Batman villain, who has been portrayed by many actors over the years.

Language: Some swearing and strong language.

Violence: Some extreme violent moments including stabbing, shooting, brutal beatings, riots.

Sexuality: Some pornographic and sexual images.

Drugs: Pharmaceuticals.

Parents advisory: This is thematically quite dark, and has some gruesomely violent images. Appropriate only for older teens, not for kids.


What it's about: A grieving Chinese girl goes on a grand adventure to return a Yeti to his Himalayan home.

The kid attractor factor: The warm humor and animation.

Violence: Some chase sequences and peril.

Language: None.

Sexuality: None.

Drugs: None.

Parents advisory: A stunning animated film with fun for all ages.

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