Irv Gotti pulled a gun on his daughter’s boyfriend during sex talk: ‘I was only joking’

Metro Entertainment 3 weeks ago
Irv Gotti's daughter Angie
Irv says he gets on with Angie’s boyfriend (Picture: Angie Pearson, Instagram)

Irv Gotti has revealed he once pulled a gun on his daughter’s boyfriend as a joke while talking to the young couple about sex.

During his appearance on TMZ Live on Monday, the Murder Inc. founder explained that he sympathised with T.I. being protective of his daughter Deyjah after the rapper controversially revealed he takes the 18-year-old to a gynaecologist to check her hymen is still intact.

But it seems Irv, 49, has taken his parenting technique to the next level.

Speaking to Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere, Irv said: ‘I think I can speak for most men and most men like T.I., myself, who maybe have been with a lot of women.

‘The last thing we want is to think our daughter is going to be with guys like us, it’s common to think that.’

Recalling the moment he sat his daughter Angie and her boyfriend down, Irv confessed: ‘What I did – and not speaking for anyone else but myself – I told Angie when we had “the talk” and her boyfriend came over…

‘I’m a realist, I may get backlash for this but I told my daughter when we had “the talk”, the birds and the bees, I keep it real with my kids, I don’t lie to my kids.

‘I told her, sex feels good. If you have sex, it’s gonna feel good but I was like, just make sure it’s respectful. Things may work out, things may not work out. It happens. I told her boyfriend just always be respectful.’

He added: ‘It was funny because I pulled a gun out on him – I shouldn’t say that.’

After seeing how visibly shocked Harvey and Charles were by his admission, Irv then stated repeatedly: ‘I was only joking.’

Trying to clear the air, he claimed: ‘I have a great relationship with her boyfriend. She’s been with her boyfriend for like eight years, I really like the guy.

‘The moral of the story is for parenting and all guys that’s protective of their daughter is, it’s gonna happen, swallow the pill and just accept it. And just love and trust your daughter that she’s going to make the right decisions.’

In the midst of the backlash towards T.I., Irv spoke out in defence of the Live Your Life rapper and said: ‘I’m not going to judge T.I. T.I.’s parenting is T.I.’s parenting.’

This is not the only surprising admission Irv has made recently – earlier this month, he claimed to have slept with his former protege and singer Ashanti after splitting from his wife.

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