Watchmen episode 4: Is Will Reeves Hooded Justice and what’s his relationship with Lady Trieu?

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**Warning contains spoilers for Watchmen episode 4.**

Watchmen’s brand new episode four has finally introduced us to the mysterious trillionaire Lady Trieu (as well as some other never-seen-before faces).

The latest chapter, titled If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own, revealed that the new character has been living with Will Reeves and both concealing their true identities to their family members.

Elsewhere in the episode, Veidt was seen continuing with his experiments. This time around, getting his cloned servants to fling dead bodies to the earth.

Unsurprisingly then, we’ve got a lot of questions that need answering.

Who is Will Reeves?

We’ve already asked whether Will Reeves is Doctor Manhattan but now we’re wondering if he’s another vigilante instead.

Hooded Justice, maybe?

Will Reeves
We need answers about Will Reeves (Picture: HBO)

Watchmen revealed the vehicle that fell from the sky had Will’s prints on it and was launched from a piece of equipment at Lady Trieu’s home, therefore eliminating theories that he has magic powers.

Who is Will really and why has he been hiding his identity?

What’s Will Reeves and Lady Trieu’s relationship and what is he hiding?

Audiences discovered that Will has been living with Lady Trieu after disappearing earlier in the series.

When we last saw Will, he was confined to a wheelchair, but this time around he admitted that his ‘feet are fine’ and was seen walking around.

Lady Trieu
Lady Trieu has arrived (Picture: HBO)

At the end of the episode, the character warned Lady Trieu that in three days he will tell Angela ‘what he’s done’ – and it includes betraying the family.

What is Will hiding and how did he end up staying with Lady Trieu?

Did Lady Trieu aid Adrian Veits’ disappearance?

Lady Trieu earned her astonishing wealth after Adrian Veit vanished into thin air by buying his company.

To remind herself of Veits he keeps a giant gold statue of him, claiming that she respects him.

Is this all just a huge facade and is she the one behind his disappearance?

Who was the masked character watching Sister Night?

Sister Night chased a mysterious character dressed in a silver suit and mask through the streets of Tulsa.

The unidentified vigilante managed to slip away from Sister Night’s clutches by covering themselves in oil and sliding into a sewer.

Will we ever find out who the newbie is?

Watchmen airs Mondays on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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