Frank Steals Multiple Things During The ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Premiere

The Inquisitr Entertainment 6 days ago

During the Season 10 Premiere of Shameless, Frank Gallager (William H. Macy) continues to sink to new lows as he steals multiple things.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Season 10 Premiere.

As Shameless fans already knew thanks to a trailer teaser Steve Howey dropped on Instagram yesterday, Season 10 would include Debbie (Emma Kenney) and her father Frank getting into it over the money Fiona (Emmy Rossum) left behind.

Toward the beginning of the Season 10 Premiere, viewers watch as Debbie draws up a board with a breakdown of how the family will utilize the $50,000 Fiona left behind. As Debbie explains there will be some money left over to be divided among each member of the family, Frank can’t help but notice he’s already $600 in the hole.

Quickly, he questions why Debbie already has him owing $600. Debbie explains that they need a new couch and he is paying for it. Frank retorts by charging into the living room and fluffing up the pillows.

Debbie, however, reminds Frank that he spent six months living on the couch and it was disgusting. She added that because it was his fault the couch was gross that he should pay for it.

Later in the episode, Frank decides to challenge Debbie by setting off a fire alarm and stealing couch cushions from a few different couches in the waiting room of an establishment he just happens to walk past when the idea dawns on him. With the assistance of his friend Mikey (Luis Guzman), he swipes several couch cushions and takes them back to the Gallagher home.

Frank replaces the old couch cushions with the ones he stole thinking that would be enough to fix the problem. Unfortunately for him, Debbie quickly shut it down noting that she’d already ordered the new couch.

Stealing the couch cushions, however, wasn’t the worst thing Frank did during the Season 10 Premiere. Viewers also watched as Frank went to a doctor’s appointment for his six month check-up on his leg.

As soon as the doctor entered the room, Frank did what he could to appear as if he was in a great deal of pain. This included mistakenly acting like it hurt to be touched before the doctor touched him.

The doctor could see right through Frank’s actions and refused to write him a prescription for any more pain killers. So, Frank hit the streets on a mission to get them through a different channel.

He headed to a pharmacy where he decided to sit and stalk customers like potential prey. In time, he watched an older woman with a cane get his drug of choice from the pharmacist.

Frank followed the woman outside where he accidentally bumped into her. He proceeded to make casual banter with her before leaving with her drugs in his hand. By the time she realized what he had done, Frank was racing down the sidewalk and around the corner.

Frank and his friend Mikey later enjoyed the drugs they stole as they sat down together on the stolen couch cushions.

New episodes of Shameless drop into the Showtime streaming library every Sunday.

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