Steve Howey Puts Chiseled Physique On Display As Captain Crunch During The ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Premiere

The Inquisitr Entertainment 1 week ago

Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) returned to his glory days as a male dancer for a gay night club during the Shameless Season 10 Premiere.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from tonight’s Season 10 Premiere.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the official synopsis for Season 10 of Shameless revealed that Kev would endure a bit of an identity crisis this season. His internal struggle played a huge role in the Season 10 Premiere.

Early on in the episode Kev heads out to play basketball with some of the other males in the neighborhood. Unfortunately for Kevin, it doesn’t appear as if the other guys really want to play with him.

In time, one of his team mates take pity on him and toss in the ball. When he throws it toward the hoop, however, he misses. Trying to justify why it happened, he starts examining himself. Later, when he heads back to the Albi, he explains to Veronica (Shanola Hampton) that his shoes are the problem.

Kevin notes that everyone else had name brand shoes while he was wearing shoes that were not helping him play ball. While Veronica starts out showering Kevin with love and support, that changes when he pulls up $350 shoes he wants to buy. Veronica quickly shuts it down by telling Kevin he’s just old and the shoes won’t fix that.

The duo feud about money as Veronica continues to put her foot down. She reminds him that they are on a budget and buying those shoes would mean not eating or not paying the power bill. So, Kevin declares that he will find a way to make the money to pay for the shoes.

His drive to earn some money sends him back to the gay night club he used to dance at. He meets up with one of the managers and explains that he previously worked for the club. Unfortunately for Kev, his age is also a bit of an issue for the manager.

The manager, however, decides to give Kevin a try because he’s short a dancer. What he neglected to tell Kevin was he wanted him to come and perform on what was referred to as “daddy’s night” at the club.


When Kevin returns later, he quickly realizes he’s surrounded by older and out of shape men. The theme of the night is to perform for youthful homosexual men who are interested in having a “daddy.”

Thanks to Kevin’s chiseled physique, he was a hit among the crowd. Kevin hit the floor only to be swarmed by young men waving wads of money at him as they asked to be spanked. Shortly after the awkward encounters, he was called to the stage to perform by his stage name “Captain Crunch.”

Kevin strutted his stuff on the stage rocking a feathered pirate hat, tiny metallic pants, and a faux mustache. He demonstrated his age and his lack of grace as he wrapped himself around the stripper pole before falling to the floor.

Despite being horribly uncoordinated and falling down on the stage, Kevin headed back to the changing room with a hat full of cash.

The Season 10 Premiere of Shameless is currently available via the Showtime streaming library.

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