PewDiePie has as much name recognition among Gen Z as Lebron James, and more recognition than Elon Musk or Steph Curry

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Members of Gen Z are more likely to recognize the names of some YouTubers than major celebrities, according to a new study by Morning Consult

The study gauged how millennials and Gen Z follow influencers, finding that 72% of respondents regularly check in with influencers in some capacity.

There are some some sharp rifts between millennial and Gen Z culture, according to the study — for instance, most teens have a favorable outlook of Shane Dawson, but the majority of older millennials don't know who he is.

Millennials and Gen Z are highly likely to make decisions about what products to buy based on the influencers they follow, according to the study. That finding is likely unsurprising to anyone who follows beauty YouTube — earlier this month, YouTubers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star released a makeup line together that sold out in minutes.

The habits of millennials and Gen Z also vary based on gender, political alignment, and race, the study found. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from the Morning Consult's survey of millennials and Gen Z:

PewDiePie has as much name recognition among Gen Z males as Lebron James, and has a higher favorability rating than James.

Men prefer to follow influencers on YouTube, while women are more likely to use Instagram.

The survey respondents varied widely when asked their favorite influencers, but the most popular responses were PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, Marikiplier, and Kylie Jenner.

Zendaya is one of the most popular celebrities among teen girls.

Many of the top influencers are highly divisive, with most respondents holding either positive or negative views on the social media stars rather than neutral opinions.

The traits that Gen Z and millennials care about most in influencers are "authentic," "funny," "knowledgeable," and "intelligent." Meanwhile, most respondents said they don't care about traits like physical attractiveness, an exciting lifestyle, or having a large following.

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