Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans think they've spotted who Nate's mum is - and Faith knows her

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Emmerdale may have given a first glimpse of Nate Robinson's mum in Tuesday's episode, with eagle-eyed viewers spotting a clue.

Nate dropped the huge bombshell that he was the secret son of Cain Dingle in the dramatic episode, as the pair went head-to-head after it was revealed Nate had slept with his wife Moira.

At the same time, fans saw Cain's mother Faith rocked by a shocking discovery of her own as she discovered a photo of someone she clearly knew in amongst Nate's belongings.

While Cain appeared stunned by his own news, his child's reaction gave the impression he believed his dad should have known about him - leading some fans to believe Faith knows something.

Emmerdale viewers think they spotted a glimpse of Nate's mum, in a photo found by Faith Dingle

Faith, meanwhile, clearly has more of an idea about his true identity with him confirming his real name as Nathaniel.

She went snooping around his caravan for clues, before coming across a photo of a mystery woman.

When she looked at it she immediately gasped, before collapsing to the floor.

Emmerdale very briefly showed a photo of a mystery woman
Nate told Cain he was his son

While there's no confirmation that the woman in the photo is even Nate's mother, it's clear she is linked to him somehow.

From her reaction, she obviously knows who the lady is in the photo, and with the mystery person linked to Nate it was also evident that Faith now knew his true identity.

Viewers took to Twitter over the scenes, while they didn't get a full look at the picture Faith was holding - awaiting news on who his mum is.

Faith appeared to rumble Nate's real identity

One fan said: "Who could Nate's Mum be in #Emmerdale? Don't recognise her from the glimpse of her photo."

Another tweeted: "Knew Nate was Cain's son I think Faith has found that out now in the picture in Nate's caravan."

A third agreed: "There's no way we know Nate's mum so that history we have not seen. #Emmerdale excitement or what?"

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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