The Handmaid’s Tale Rita actress reveals she’s turned her back on the resistance and will never return to Gilead

The Sun Entertainment 3 weeks ago

THE Handmaid’s Tale’s Rita has no plans to follow in the footsteps of June Osborne.

Fans of the gritty Hulu drama were left stunned when June (Elisabeth Moss) decided to return to Gilead at the end of season 2, rather than escape with baby Nichole.

Rita played a pivotal role in smuggling children out of Gilead

The heroic Handmaid couldn’t bring herself to leave the oppressive regime knowing that her firstborn Hannah was still trapped in the system and sent Emily in her place to take Nichole to Canada.

However, Rita actress Amanda Brugel made it clear that after smuggling a plane full of children over the border, her character has no plans to return to Gilead to fight the good fight in season 4.

Brugel recounted that she had no idea her character would make it out of the theocracy alive until the week of filming.

“I didn’t know she was going to escape until I got the script, about four days before we started shooting,” she recalled.

Rita first met June in the Waterford household

“I had no idea what her participation in the resistance was,” she continued to Bazaar.

“I had to do very quick research to see what happens to people when they’re taken out of a horrific situation and brought back [to normalcy]—just the amount of shock and relief and joy, and also pain and fear.”

She made it perfectly clear that her grey Martha outfit had been permanently retired, ruling out a return in an undercover capacity to gather intel for the Canadian government.

“I realised I won’t be able to wear that costume again,” she went on.

“Other actors have had flashbacks where they’ve worn other costumes, but for me, that costume has been like a character within a character for me.”

Fred and Serena employed Rita as a Martha
June and Nick are Nichole’s biological parents

Despite her lucky escape, Brugel hinted that Rita would undergo a fresh set of struggles in the next season, slated for release in 2020.

Contending with survivor’s guilt and struggling with her newfound freedoms, she suggested that adapting to a more liberal way of life wouldn’t come easily.

“I can understand that if someone was taken out of a horrible situation, like with Stockholm syndrome, it must be terrifying to be placed in a new environment and not have that space and that place, however horrible, to rely on,” she concluded.

Earlier this month The Handmaid’s Tale show boss revealed the horrific origins of the mouth rings used to silence Handmaids.

Elsewhere, it was hinted that baby Nichole would be adopted by surrogates and raised under a false identity.

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