'DWTS': Sean Spicer says Trump's tweet wasn't wasted, and played role in his survival

USA Today Entertainment 3 weeks ago

President Trump's tweet supporting his former press secretary Sean Spicer last week didn't not languish in vain. 

Last week on "Dancing With the Stars," Spicer received what appeared to be a dream boost from his old boss. Despite pressing affairs of state, Trump asked his 66 million Twitter followers to vote for "good guy" Spicer, who was facing an elimination vote in the fifth week of the dance competition. 

However, the "DWTS" judges decided to cancel the planned elimination after a Disney-themed movie night. Whether it was bad luck or part of the "DWTS" Deep State, Trump's golden tweet appeared to be for naught.

But a "DWTS" spokesman confirmed to USA TODAY that the votes tallied from the last week, including those prompted by the president, were combined with votes from Monday's episode.

The combined votes and judges' scores spared Spicer, who survived despite his waltz with Arnold getting a 21 out of 30 score from the judges. The score was Spicer's best effort, but still at the bottom of the "DWTS" board. It was the votes that carried him through.

Speaking backstage Monday night, Spicer said the Trump tweet was a big factor. "Yes, it did," said Spicer, adding that the president's followers, and their phone votes, play a key role in his success. "Obviously, there's a lot of folks, part of that movement, who are clearly impressed with how much fun we are having, how hard we're working and how we're progressing."

Spicer told USA TODAY that Trump called before tweeting.

"We were catching up. And he said, 'By the way, you're doing great.' " Spicer said. "He had seen some clips. He said, 'I'd love to weigh in and support you.' " 

Spicer would give no further details of the presidential conversation, but said it never veered toward some of Spicer's more outlandish dancing outfits.

"I never divulge the content of the conversations that I have," says said Spicer. "But we didn't get into my outfits, thank God." 

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