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Does California take the most selfies in the U.S.?

Does California take the most selfies in the U.S.?

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – With the ever-evolving camera phone in the hands of the public, it’s no surprise that selfies have become such a phenomenon.

In a survey of 2,300 people by Shiny Smile Veneers, California does not even crack the top 10 list of selfies per week. The Golden State came in 12th in the rankings at 1.64 selfies per week. The top state was Illinois at 3.58 selfies per week. Below are the top five:

  • 5. Oregon
  • 4. Massachusetts
  • 3. Arkansas
  • 2. New York
  • 1. Illinois

Regardless of the number of selfies, 50% of the people say they’ve used filters on their photos, while 35% say that they have done editing to remove something unflattering.

As far as the type of selfie, the most popular selfie according to this survey is the bathroom mirror selfie, with 72% of people saying they take this kind of selfie. Below is a list of the top five.

  • 5. Outfit of the day
  • 4. Changing room
  • 3. Walking
  • 2. In the car
  • 1. Bathroom mirror

So who is taking these? Is it Gen Z? Or Millenials who for a time were called the “selfie generation”? The poll shows that Gen Z takes the most selfies out of any generation at 3.2 photos per week. This is almost 2.5 times as many as Millenials who take an average of 1.3 photos per week.

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