Did Clemson Stage Dabo Swinney Radio Rant? No, But The Tigers Head Coach Went Full Nick Saban In ‘Rat Poison’ Example For Fans

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney channeled his inner Nick Saban when discussing his radio show rant.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen or listened to Dabo Swinney teeing off on ‘Tyler from Spartanburg” during his Clemson radio show. But if you thought the rant was staged, you don’t listen to enough of these coach’s shows during the football season.

After going “Old Testament” on the caller, there were some wondering if the whole thing was part of some elaborate plan for Dabo Swinney to relay a message to Clemson fans. But if you know how these shows are put together, it’s easy to figure out how the caller got his question into the Tigers head coach.

In most cases, there is a radio producer back in the studio screening phone callers, asking them what they plan on talking with the head coach about before they are brought in. A lot of these shows don’t take callers anymore for reasons like we heard Monday night.

They don’t know if the caller will go rouge.

As I’ve seen on multiple occasions or spoken with folks that put on these shows, there’s a process just to get on the air. First off, you have to get lucky to not get a ‘busy’ signal when trying to call in, since there are a lot of fans around the country trying to get the chance to ask a question.

If the team is not having much success, like Clemson in 2023, radio screeners have to be extra vigilant on who they allow on the air, obviously.

How Did ‘Tyler’ Get On The Air To Question Dabo Swinney?

You can’t have “Danny from Rock Hill” calling into the show and throwing out curse words, or looking for attention with a question. Which brings us to Monday night, where I’d imagine “Tyler from Spartanburg” pulled a fast one on the guys back in the studio.

I’m sure Dabo’s favorite caller from Spartanburg did not give the radio producer his actual question, most likely giving a softball to the screener. Then, once he’s live on the air, it’s a free for all. In most cases, if the question is headed down the wrong path, the show host will cut them off, but in this case the caller was allowed to vent for two minutes.

This sounded like a clear case of ‘Tyler” pulling one over on the hosting radio station, wanting his two-minutes of glory. Unfortunately for the Clemson fan, Dabo Swinney was not in the mood for shenanigans on Monday night.

After finally cutting Tyler off, Dabo went all-in on the Clemson fan who pulled a fast one to get on the air.

“Is this a bad year? Yea, and I take 100% responsibility for it. But all this bull-crap your thinking and all these narratives you read, listen man you can have your opinion all you want and you can apply for the job. And good luck to ya.”

Swinney Expands Upon His ‘Old Testament’ Rant

Speaking with local reporters this week, the Clemson head coach was asked what triggered his response to ‘Tyler’s” so called question.

“I had some idiot go Old Testament on me. And he got an Old Testament response… print that one,” Dabo Swinney told reporters.

When asked to expound upon his short answer on what set him off, Swinney pointed towards the caller hijacking the show.

“What else is there to add?  What else is there to add? I am going to fight for this program,” Swinney continued. “That’s why most coaches don’t take calls. That’s why right there – because people hijack the phone call. They want to hear themselves talk. That’s why most coaches around the country don’t take calls. That reason right there. They go – that’s what we’ll start doing next year, they go, ‘Okay, Kathleen, from Clemson, she wants to know what’s your favorite ice cream?’”

After two weeks of going after a smaller group of Clemson fans for their harsh reactions to the 4-4 season, while discussing the appreciation for the football program, Dabo took a page out of Nick Saban’s book on expectations.

“I’m talking about the loud minority. Most of our fans are amazing. They really are. They really are. It’s the loud minority that really have no clue how hard it is. And, again, we’ve won so much. And listen, that can creep into your players too, right? That ‘rat poison’ of how good you are and what you’re supposed to do, and this and that, and, and then all of a sudden, it doesn’t go the way you want, it can creep in both ways.”

If Clemson fans were this upset over the last few weeks, they should pre-tape the radio show for Monday if Notre Dame runs past the Tigers on Saturday.

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