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Crews Prepare for Potential Winter Storm This Week

Crews Prepare for Potential Winter Storm This Week

Just when we thought winter was over, we’re getting ready for another storm.

Trucks have been stocking up on salt all morning at Eastern Minerals in Chelsea to prepare for the storm this week as cranes are taking heaps of salt from the massive pile and loading it into the truck beds, which will get spread across the roads across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We’ve issued a First Alert for Tuesday due to the current trends keeping much of New England with possible plowable snowfall amounts but also rain by the afternoon for some in eastern and southeastern Mass.

Places like Connecticut and Rhode Island who haven’t seen much snow this winter will likely receive accumulating amounts but the most will likely fall in central and western Mass. as well as southern Vermont.

While Eastern Minerals is ready for the storm, some New Englanders aren’t.

“There’s a big push this week. That ice storm we had last week that started it and there’s another storm coming on Tuesday so they’re using a lot of salt and everybody thought the winter is over and its never over until we’re all sitting on Martha’s vineyard enjoying the summer.” said Regional Manager Cornelius Martin

Salting the roads is expected to keep them clear after the storm.

The cold conditions had cities like Somerville and Lawrenceopening warming shelters during the weekend.

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