Colorado GOP to Biden: Don’t let abortion influence Space Command decision

Colorado GOP to Biden: Don't let abortion influence Space Command decision

The Colorado Republican Party is urging President Biden not to take abortion access into consideration if he decides to base the Space Command headquarters in Colorado Springs — a move that would reverse former President Trump’s selection of Huntsville, Alab., as the prime location.

Instead, Colorado GOP Chair Dave Williams wrote in a letter shared with The Hill, Biden should make that decision based on merit.

“As a political organization that is unwavering in its support for the pro-life movement, the Colorado Republican Party, and its leaders, implore you to ensure that the decision to keep Space Command in Colorado Springs be made solely on merit, rather than being entangled with the issue of abortion access,” Williams wrote.

The letter comes as Republicans — especially those from Alabama — have objected to the delay in relocating Space Command from its temporary location in Colorado Springs to its new permanent location in Huntsville.

Reports have indicated the Biden administration might be reconsidering the move to Alabama after the state passed some of the strictest abortion laws in the country, though the Biden administration and the Pentagon have reportedly denied a link between the two.

Just last week, the U.S. Air Force announced the permanent location of four Spacecom units in Colorado Springs.

The letter notably did not urge Biden to stand by Trump’s decision to relocate the headquarters to Alabama; however, it made the case that the location provided a strategic advantage.

“The basing of Space Command in Colorado Springs should be evaluated exclusively on its merits and strategic value. The location’s proximity to key resources, infrastructure, and expertise should guide this decision,” Williams wrote in the letter. “Our nation’s space capabilities are critical for national security and technological advancement, and it is of utmost importance that we make this decision based on the strengths and advantages that the city of Colorado Springs has to offer.”

Trump’s selection of Huntsville ignored the stated preference of the U.S. Air Force, which houses the U.S. Space Force. The Air Force is located nearby Spacecom’s temporary location.

Williams nonetheless defended Trump’s decision in the letter, writing that he “was falsely accused of making an unfair ‘political’ decision that jeopardized national security with the determination that Space Command be headquartered in Alabama.”

“If the main driving force to keep Space Command in Colorado Springs is Colorado’s unfettered abortion laws that provide no restrictions whatsoever, then we strongly affirm that Space Command should stay located in Alabama,” Williams wrote.

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