CMA Fest concertgoers share most pressing political issues

CMA Fest concertgoers share most pressing political issues

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (NewsNation) — Americans from all corners of the U.S. descended on Nashville for the 2023 CMA Fest this past weekend with a shared love for country music, but with differing opinions on the state of the nation.

The festival drew thousands of Americans to the Music City to see the hottest names in country music. However, thunderstorms through Sunday canceled the final performances of the weekend.

But before the weather turned, NewsNation was able to talk with a few concertgoers about the most pressing issues they felt the nation was facing.

“I just retired, so the economy — oh man — we’ve got to get a handle on it,” Keith Bond from Waco, Texas, said.

While the economy remains at the top of most Americans’ minds, as a Texas native, Keith said he is mostly concerned about the southern border.

“We’re overrun. Man, we’ve got to help our people here,” Keith said. “We’ve got homeless vets that need help. So yeah, we’ve got to shut that down.”

Rachel White and Haley Serff said the biggest threat to Americans is on the right to free speech — without the fear of being canceled.

“I think people need the right to speak freely and speak their minds and not be shut down by certain companies or news outlets, things like that, or even social media,” Serff, a Nashville native, said.

White, who is from Louisville, Kentucky, said everyone deserves to have their own opinions and shouldn’t be treated differently because they have differing views.

At the forefront of Iowa native Deanna Swink’s mind: Women’s rights, mental health and education.

“I think every woman should have a choice, and it’s her choice no matter what,” Swink said. “I think we need more growth and we need more people out there, especially for mental health. It’s very, very special to my heart.”

The Hawkeye State has always been a critical piece of the political landscape, especially since the state sets the tone for the presidential primary nominations.

Cecilia Guzman, another Iowa resident, said gun control is a top issue for her. She explained that she is for certain restrictions for certain people, but doesn’t want guns taken away altogether.

And while all of these concertgoers feel strongly about different pressing issues, there’s one thing most of them agree on: The nation remains too divided.

“I think that’s a lot of the problem is we’re so torn between two groups,” White said. “I just wish that more people would come together.”

Tom Irwin, who is from Syracuse, New York, said America is separated on the extremes even though most people’s views land in the middle.

“They just want to get along, live their lives, raise a family, buy a house and live peacefully,” Irwin said.

Ken Lafrance, who is also from Syracuse, agreed.

“People accept people for who they are, whether it be a political party or non-political party. Your views, my views, accept you for who you are and accept me for who I am,” Lafrance said.

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