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Classical Everywhere Is Bringing An All-New Classical Music Experience To London

Classical Everywhere is looking to take the most famous music the world has ever seen, and breathe new life into it for a whole new audience. They want to disrupt the pre-conceived notions of what classical music is, and bring some theatre and bombast to the affair.

To kick off their series of performances, they’re starting with a bang. They’re taking Handel’s legendary Messiah, and staging a one-night only (December 6) performance of Handel’s Messiah: The Live Experience. And they couldn’t have picked a more suitable venue for it. They’re taking it right back home to The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Handel was very familiar with the theatre in the 1700s, and performances of Messiah attracted crowds similar to West End audiences today. These almost annual shows ran all the way through to the 1900s. The lovingly restored theatre will bring its glory days into the present, with music and environs echoing from the past.

Handel’s Messiah: The Live Experience

As you may have guessed, this won’t be your typical classical music performance. Instead, the team is ignoring the conventions of a classical concert, with audiences encouraged to ignore their pre-conceptions, relax, and enjoy the aural and visual spectacle. They’ll be treated to an edited version of Handel’s enduring masterpiece, augmented by aspects of dance, lighting, visual effects, and more. And Classical Everywhere is pulling the star power in for the music itself, with internationally renowned soloists, among them Danielle de Niese and Nicky Spence, performing alongside the English Chamber Orchestra and London Symphony Chorus.

danielle de niese in a white dress on a beige background
Danielle de Niese. Credit: Chris Dunlop

So, let’s just sum that up again shall we? World-class musicians, imaginative lighting design, eye-catching visual effects, incredible choreography, and jaw-dropping staging in a powerful, theatrical performance? Yeah, that’s not quite like any other classical music performance we’ve ever been to.

But it’s more than just a star-studded cast. The team behind the show also packs tons of experience. Members of the team have worked on Olivier-award winning productions, legendary immersive experiences, global tours from music megastars, music festivals, and more.

What is Classical Everywhere?

Classical Everywhere is the latest venture from the iconic London events collective, Immersive Everywhere. Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re definitely familiar with the multi-award-winning creators, whose events have included Peaky Blinders: The Rise, Doctor Who: Time Fracture, and The Great Gatsby. Suffice it to say, they know what they’re doing.

Said Louis Hartshorn, Joint CEO of Immersive Everywhere:

“We are thrilled to bring our theatrical expertise to the great works of classical music. We’re looking forward to breaking boundaries with our vision for Handel’s Messiah, whilst maintaining a focus on world class musical talent. This is a timeless piece of music that deserves to be performed with energy and intensity. When it was written it was thought of as new and ground-breaking – a far cry from the tired conventions of today. We believe classical music should be relevant, dynamic and engaging!”

Whether you love classical music or have never actively listened to it, you’re sure to fall in love with Handel’s Messiah through the performance.

Handel’s Messiah: The Live Experience will run for one night (December 6) at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Tickets will range from £25-£75. Find out more, and grab your tickets, by heading to the website.

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