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Brian Walshe to Appear in Court Wednesday as He Faces Murder Charge

Brian Walshe to Appear in Court Wednesday as He Faces Murder Charge

Ana Walshe’s husband is expected to face a judge Wednesday morning during an arraignment, where new details could be revealed as he faces new charges in her disappearance case — including murder.

Brian Walshe has been in police custody for over a week, after initially being charged with misleading police in connection with the search for his missing wife, who is a mother of three from Cohasset, Massachusetts.

In a major development on Tuesday, prosecutors announced that Walshe is now facing a murder charge in the case, although they did not specify what evidence sparked the new charge. Authorities added Tuesday evening that Walshe had been charged with improper handling and transport of human remains.

“If they are pushing forward with murder charges, you can bet they have a substantial amount of stuff that would prove that they have a body or that she’s dead,” Dr. Richard Fox said, who teaches forensics at Bunker Hill Community College. “They may not physically have a body, but in this day and age, you actually don’t need that.”

During Walshe’s arraignment last week for the misleading police charge, prosecutors said they found a bloody knife and blood in the basement of the Walshe home. They also accused Walshe during the hearing of lying to police about his whereabouts, and buying $450 in cleaning supplies at a Home Depot.

Amid exhaustive searches through garbage, police found a hacksaw and bloody towels, sources told NBC10 Boston.

Brian Walshe Murder Charge: Cohasset Reacts

Ana Walshe’s case has garnered international attention, as a concerned public far and wide tracked the investigation closely.

Walshe’s hometown of Cohasset held a vigil last week, coming together in prayer for the missing mom.

Now that Brian Walshe’s murder charge has been public, some locals have had strong words.

“I’m sure the husband’s going to have a nice time rotting in prison just thinking, what his actions, his consequences he’s gonna be dealing with right now and for the rest of his life,” Cohasset resident Anderew Giomaritin said.

Brian Walshe’s attorney, Tracy Miner, declined to talk about the new charges, but said she’s focused on defending him in court.

Walshe pleaded not guilty to the charge of misleading police last week.

You can watch live coverage of Walshe’s hearing on Wednesday on this story.

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